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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm back!

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Hi everyone, I'm back from Key West and I had a wonderful time. I'm sorry that there were problems with some of the download links while I was gone. That's what I get for trying to do too many things at once! I'm pretty sure everything is fixed now. Just let me know if you still have problems. Hopefully, I got all of the emails answered and I"m posting now to give you an extra goodie for the trouble.

I was in such a hurry to get out of school for the summer that I left my camera in my class. Sad to say that means I didn't have it with me in Key West, but as soon as I get some of the pictures my friends took I'll share those with you. Tomorrow I have to go by the school and pick up my camera so I'll have it for the rest of the summer.

I returned home to some very interesting things that sent me searching for answers as to just what had happened while I was gone. First thing I noticed was that both of the elevators in the parking garage were out of order. Then I saw lots of repair trucks parked by the freight elevator. Once I entered the building, there were extra workers wondering around and some large fans were sitting in the lower lobbies.

I opened the door to my home and found a letter from the condo management company updating everyone on the "status of our community in the wake of the heavy storm..."
Apparently, there was so much rain the elevators in the garage were broken because of the water damage and all the extra trucks and workers were here because there was damage in several units on the ground level as well as some of the common areas.

There was a recorded message on the answering machine from the Miami Beach City Planners Office telling all residents everything they had done to help with the flooding and that we should use this time to evaluate what we need to do since hurricane season is upon us.

Now, I was REALLY wondering just what had happened so I went to my neighbors with lots of questions. According to them, there was so much rain Friday that it looked like a hurricane had come through. Actually, they said that we've had hurricanes that didn't cause as much damage. They didn't realize that the streets were flooded until they tried to go out to dinner and couldn't walk across the street because of the water. They took pictures and I get to share them with you!

First , here's a picture I took a long time ago of our community and the road leading up to it...

Now, here's a picture of that same road that was taken while standing in front of the guard gate and looking out...

Can you believe that? Apparently, they took these pictures after the water had gone down some. They said there were lots of people standing out front because everybody wanted to go eat dinner but no one wanted to walk through the water. LOL!

Here's a picture of some cars that were parked on the street. Thank goodness my car was in the parking garage! I do have friends that live a couple blocks away and park their cars under their building. Their entire garage was completely flooded! I don't even want to think about the damage that was done to the cars there!

Look at all these poor bikes and scooters!

I've said lots of times that my street floods if someone spills a Coke and now you have a better idea of what I'm talking about.

OK, I've got to go do some laundry. I'll talk to you later!


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I am supposed to return from my long weekend get away today. I hope that I'm having so much fun I've decided to stay longer. LOL!

I wanted to share one of the layouts I made with Flowerscraps I Scream You Scream Kit. This is one of the quickpages I've made to share with you. Stop by Deanna's blog to get the kit and come back here on Thursday to pick up the QP.

Enjoy your day!


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