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Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Camp Blog Train

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Come back tomorrow for the boy version of this quote!

I am so excited today! I actually decided to take part in my first blog train and who better to join than the girls at Stuff to Scrap! This month's theme is Summer Camp and you are going to get so many wonderful freebies you won't know what to do with all of them.

I've got my portion of the kit and a candy bar wrapper for you. I also used Shel Belle's portion and made a 12x12 QP.

Now, please be kind when you're looking at my part of the kit because it's my first attempt at this. I'm already hard at work on next month's theme of Fall Festival and I tell you that I've improved alot over the last couple of weeks. So don't give up on me. LOL! Here's the preview of my kit...

Download links:


I also made a SOE candy bar wrapper for you. Here's what it looks like...

Download SOE here

Nita of Nita's Things made some awesome 12x12 Quick pages using my part of the kit. Here's what you'll get when you visit her blog...

Take a look at what you'll get when you visit Shel Belle Scraps...

Aren't those bugs the coolest things?---In a creepy sort of way that is. LOL!

Here's a LO I made and saved as a 12x12 QP for you...

Download QP here

You've got so many blogs to visit! Here's the complete list of everyone that took part in this awesome blog train. Remember that we are all in different time zones, so be patient if someone doesn't have their part posted yet.

Nibbles Skribbles
Always Be Neighbors Designs
Elegantly Funky Designs
Scrappin' Serenity
Scraps by Andrea
Ginger's House---YOU ARE HERE
Seal Scraps
Saphira's World Scrapdesign
Scrap Attack
Let Me Scrapbook!
Shel Belle Scraps
Scrapping Rainbow
Noelle's Little Corner in Scrap Land
Strawbeary Designs
Nita's Things
Mommy Me Time Scrapper
JW Digi-Scraps
Flower Scraps
The Scrappy Kat
Tonisha's Playground
Digital Scrap Fun
Digi-designs by Nicole
Rants N Random Ramblings
Designs By Mel
Samantha Scraps
A valóság tükre
Serenity Scrapping
Scrap in a Can
Stuff to Scrap
My Digaddiction
Mad Genius Designs
A Whittle Whimsy

Enjoy your day!


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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I scared the UPS Guy

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After going to bed at 4:00 this morning I was woken up a little after 9 AM by the phone ringing. By the time I was awake enough to realize that the phone was ringing the answering machine had picked it up. I heard a computer generated voice speaking in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish! Instead of letting the call play out or answering then hanging up I unplugged the phone from the wall. LOL! That was the only way I knew it wouldn't ring and wake me up again.

I felt like I had just gotten back to sleep when there was another noise waking me up again. This time it was someone pounding on the door. I waited and hoped that they would go away but they didn't so I got up and went to answer the door. I yanked the door open ready to yell at one of my friends, but there stood the UPS guy instead. The poor guy looked terrified when he saw me standing there in my pajamas with some very serious bed head hair going on. LOL! He had a package for me that required a signature. It was 10 and the ladies in the mail room don't start work until 11. He didn't want to come back so waking me up was his only option. I doubt he'll do that again anytime soon. LOL! It wasn't even a fun package.

I tried to go back to sleep after that but it just wasn't meant to be so I got up for the day. I thought I would nap, but I never got the chance. Needless to say, I'm a tired little girl now!

I'm going to bed. Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Monday, July 27, 2009


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Why is July going by so quickly? Before I know it the middle of August will be here and I'll be back at school. BUMMER! Of course, as you can tell by today's wordart I'll be glad to start receiving a paycheck again. LOL!

My friends grilled burgers this afternoon so I enjoyed a free lunch. I wonder who I can get to feed me tomorow? LOL!

I have to go see what's happening on the Big Brother Aftershow. Enjoy your day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another rainy day

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We had thunder storms again today so I spent most of the day napping on and off. Tomorrow afternoon my friends are supposed to be having a cookout. I hope the storms stay away cause I love the free food I get when they cook out. LOL!

Happy Saturday!

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It's hard to believe that July is almost over! Why is it that the school year never gose as quickly as the summer does? Remember what it was like to be a kid and feel like summer lasted forever? I miss those days! LOL!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Poor April!

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I think April has inherited my computer problems. If you've noticed that she hasn't updated her blog---that's why. Hopefully, she'll be back up and posting soon.

Did you watch Big Brother tonight? I was so upset that Jessie won HOH. I really want someone to put him and Natalie on the block. I know Jessie is scheming to keep Ronnie in the house and I want him out too. LOL! Guess you can tell that I am ta tally on team Jeff/Jordan!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


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Today was a nice quiet day for me. I slept until 10 then worked out for 2 hours on the wii fit. This evening my friends and I walked down the road to get dinner and drinks. If only I could find a way to get paid for spending my days like this. LOL!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's Wednesday!

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It's Wednesday and that means it's the last day Nicole of Digi-designs by Nicole is having her blogoversary sale. If you haven't visited her store yet make sure you do it today!

I love this kit called Funky Love. It's full of bright cheery colors and can be used for so much more than just Valentine's Day layouts. How about pictures from the prom or from first dates? The possibilities are endless! Just look at this preview...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Rainy Day

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For the last couple of days the rain has stayed north of us, but today we weren't so lucky. It's been a cloudy stormy day. YUCK!

I ran out to do some errands today and had to buy gas for the car. This was the first tank of gas I've bought since we got out of school in June. Now, I know lots of you wish you could go for a month and a half on one tank of gas, but last summer I actually made it to the first of August before I had to refill the car. That's the joys of living where you can walk almost anywhere you want to go---except when it storms!

I wanted to share another layout I made with Deanna's Summer's Afternoon Kit. Yesterday I worked with the orange colors in the kit and today I played with the purple...

I know I need a title or some journaling on the page, but I'm waiting to see what my friend thinks I should put on there. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I also wanted to tell you guys about another one of Nicole's kits that I just love! It's called Candy Coatings and it's on sale at Stuff to Scrap. I think it would be perfect to scrap pictures from a pre-teen girls party or even a mommy & daughter day. It's bright and cheerful and full of adorable elements. Just look at this preview...

Now I have to go watch the Big Brother after hours show and see what that dork Ronnie is doing now. I am totally on team Jeff/Jordan! Enjoy your day!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm so sorry!

I forgot to put the link for today's wordart in the earlier post. SORRY!

You can get it here

Summer's Afternoon

Today was a great big do nothing day for me. I didn't even shower until after 6:00 PM. I know that's sad, but what can I say---I'm on vacation. LOL!

Now that I seem to have my computer and external hard drive playing nicely my printer wants to act up. It's just not fair!

Deanna has another great summer kit. It's called Summer's Afternoon and you can pick up the first part of the kit on her blog today. Check out this awesome preview...

Now, I know the kit is called Summer's Afternoon but I made a summer sunset layout with it. Take a look...

I also wanted to show you another LO I made with Shel Belle's Tranquility kit. Remember to visit her blog for the next part of the kit today.

Nicole of Digi-Designs by Nicole is celebrating her blogoversary by having a great sale in her store at Stuff to Scrap. This is one sale you don't want to miss because she has so many great kits! Here's one of my favorites called Basic Beauty...

This kit is so versatile it can be used to scrap any pictures you have. It has 13 papers and 37 elements and even full price it's a great buy! Head on over to Nicole's store and check it out. The sale ends Wednesday.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


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Today was so much fun! We had a surprise party for my friend's husband that turned out not to be much of a surprise at all. He humored us all though and didn't ruin it by saying he knew what we were up to until the party was over.

So, can we all use a little tranquility? Shel is doing her part to help us get some with this awesome kit she's giving away on her blog. the colors are soft and relaxing. Just look at this preview...

I made this layout using the kit...

I just love lighthouses and I thought this kit was perfect for some of my pictures. I'm sure you've got pictures that make you think of tranquility too so head on over to Shel Belle Scraps and pick up the first part of the kit.

I pulled out April's Positively Paisley kit and made another layout. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I hope my friend and her daughter like it too!

Remember this kit is 50% just like the rest of April's things in the Scrap it Sassy Store!

Look at this wonderful kit called Cherish from Digi-Designs by Nicole...

I think it's a great kit to use when you want to scrap baby pictures but don't want to use the traditional pink or blue. It's a huge kit with 13 papers, 45 elements and a full alphabet. You can pick this wonderful kit up in the Stuff to Scrap store for only $3.99

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Smoky Day

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We had a very smoky day here. One of the waterfront mansions caught on fire this morning and as of ten o'clock tonight the firefighters were still fighting hot spots. That's after a day of trying to control the flames from the ground and from the fire boats on the water. The house was built in 1925 and looked like a castle with turrets, iron gates, a drawbridge and even a moat. It was very unique and looked out of place so lots of locals didn't like it and called it "an eyesore".

So far they don't know what started the fire, but the house has been sitting empty for awhile now. It's a prime piece of property on the water with neighbors like Calvin Klein.

I guess not spending the day with my friends was a good thing because I actually got a lot done! I wonder how long this bout of energy will last? LOL!

I've had the Rainbow Connection Kit by Carol's Digiscrap Creations for a long time now and I pulled it out to play with tonight. I used some pictures of my friend's daughter and made this layout...

This kit is great and has so many different colors and elements in it that it can be used for all kinds of pictures. It's also on sell now for 30% off in Carol's Store at Cool Scraps Digital

Is there a basketball player in your life? If there is you need to check out this kit by Mad Genius Designs. It has 12 papers, 31 elements and an upper case alphabet for only $3.99.

Don't you just love this kit? You can pick it up in the Made Genius Store at Stuff to Scrap


Download wordart here

So, I was planning on spending the afternoon with my friends going to lunch and a movie, but I slept so late that I was still in bed when they knocked on the door. LOL! That's what I get for staying up so late.

I haven't wasted my time though I've been playing with April's Freedom kit. I extracted and duplicated the fireworks from a picture to make this layout...

Remember that all of April's kits are on sale for 50% off at Scrap It Sassy for the rest of the month!


Download wordart here

Thursday, July 16, 2009


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lunch was delish!

Download wordart here

Lunch with the girls was fun today even though Susan brought her 21 year old daughter that referred to all of us as "old ladies". LOL! I've even got left over cheesecake for tomorrow.

Party at Flowerscraps!

Download wordart here

Deanna has been blogging for one year today and she's giving us a present! On top of the wonderful Surf City kit that she has released today there is a coupon good for 50% in her store at Stuff to Scrap.

You need to go visit Deanna's blog to pick up the coupon. The coupon is only good for TODAY so get busy and happy shopping!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Layout or Sales Ad?

Download wordart here

OK, so in my head, this layout looked really good, but for some reason I just couldn't get it to translate from my mind to the paper. LOL! I used Deanna's Surf City Kit again and I think this came out looking like a sales ad. LOL! Now, here's the question---what is it trying to sell? Cars? Vacation spots? Something else all together? Your guess is as good as mine, but I think I would like to buy some of it. LOL!

I've been working on a CD case calendar for the son of a friend of mine with a rock and roll theme. He's 12 years old and if you ask him who his favorite bands are he'll say Bon Jovi and Three Dog Night. I love this kid! I'll share what the calendar looks like when I'm finished.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a couple of the girls from work at The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. YUMMY! There will be dessert! LOL!

I'm going to bed now. Enjoy your day!

Surf City

Download wordart here

Deanna is releasing another great kit on her blog today called Surf City. It's full of great summer themed elements. Here's a preview...

And here's a LO I made with it...

Since I've been so bad about posting things lately I'm giving you the wordart I used on the LO today too. Download it here

Now, I'm going to bed so that I can get up and face another day of dong as little as possible. LOL!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a day!

Download wordart here

So, I was finally in the mood to make some layouts and once again my computer didn't want to cooperate. Well, this time it was the external hard drive that wasn't playing nicely. For some reason my computer wasn't recognizing it. It seems to be working now so I'm going to do as much as I can. LOL!

I've had this Positively Paisley Kit by April for some time now and haven't done anything with it. Mostly because there's just so much in it I can't decide what I want to use. It's like element overdose! LOL!

Here's what the kit looks like...

And here's a layout I made today...

April also added a wonderful kit called Freedom to her store. It's perfect for all those 4th of July pictures you haven't touched yet.

The best part about these kits is that they are still on sell just like everything else in April's Store. 50% off!

You also need to make sure you visit April's blog because she had made and given away 3 wonderful quickpages and 1 awesome wordart that she made using the Freedom Kit.

Now, I have to try and get some more scrapping done and get ready to watch Big Brother. If my computer continues to play nicely I may be back later with more to share.


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