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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What have I gotten myself into?

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OK, so signing up to teach summer school probably wasn't the best idea in the world!  We were told that we would start June 12th and work from 8 - 3.  Then they came out and said keep the 2nd and 5th open for training.  Then they said you'll also need to go to training on the 9th.  Then they said you'll actually need to work the whole week of June 5th.  Then they said you'll be working from 7:45 to 3:30. 

 Then, just to pour salt on our wounds, we found out that our little thirty minutes lunch breaks will be unpaid breaks.  You know those thirty minutes breaks that are actually more like ten to fifteen minute brakes, (IF YOU'RE LUCKY!) because you're always being called to do something during that time.

THEN, I'm not one of the lucky people who gets to use their own class room.  My whole hall is shut down for the summer and even though I'm going to have a Kindergarten class, I'll be in one of the second grade rooms.  The teachers who class rooms are being used were all told to KEEP things on up on the walls and bulletin boards.  Most teachers very happily did this because it was less work for them at the end of the year.  Guess who is using a room where the teacher decided to take everything down except for their torn bulletin paper........ME!!!

I just keep telling myself to relax and think about the extra money and the fall break and birthday vacations that it will pay for.....it's not working right now, but I keep trying.....


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