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Thursday, October 15, 2015

They find me every year!

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I know that I may be a little prejudice, but I'm telling you that every year I get the most interesting students.  Some of my friends even point out that I always get "that kid"!  LOL

Today, I was working with a group of kids when one little boy announced that, "Reading is hard!" 

This led to a fun little conversation that had me asking him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His answer...

I want to help the Earth.  I don't like litter.  I don't like how it makes the Earth look and I don't like how it kills the Earth.

Before I could tell him how proud I was of him another student piped in with.....

I want to be an assassin.

Kids laughed and I was shocked because this is another super sweet little boy.  I asked if he was saying this because of the video games he liked to play and if he knew what assassins did.  

He informed me that, "Hey, assassins are highly trained."

I tried not to laugh as I once again asked if he knew what assassins did.  Then, when he just sat there smiling at me I pointed out that assassins kill people.

At this point, he threw his hands up in the air and in an exasperated tone said, "Yeah, for money!"

I told him he should join the military.  He could be highly trained and be one of the good guys.

I'm not sure he's buying it though, so I'm going to stay on his good side.....you know, just in case! 



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