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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jeep dealerships can be mean!

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My week was exhausting.  Awesome, but exhausting!

When I got home last night, I realized that I had a nail in one of my back tires.  It was in the tire at an angle and didn't look like it had done any real damage so I didn't do anything about it.  LOL!

When I got up this morning and headed out to run errands my tire was still in good shape so I headed out.  I made one stop before heading to one of the local Jeep places.  I pulled up to their "express" service area and waited a few minutes for someone to notice me.  No one did, so I got out of the car and walked inside where a very nice man informed me that it would be at least three hours before anyone could even look at my tire.  That's right, LOOK, not repair or replace, LOOK! Someone needs to explain to these people what "express service" means!

I chose not to wait!  Instead, I used the GPS to get directions to another Jeep place that was about five minutes away.  I got back onto the highway and as I passed the very next exit I watched as a police car turned onto the road behind me and turned on his blue light.

I was beyond mad for so many reasons!

A:  It was pouring down rain!
B: I had a nail in my tire!
C: I was actually, kind of going the speed limit!
D: I'm way too cute to get a ticket!

I slowed down and watched the police car in my rear view mirror.  I got confused when he started slowing down too.  I mean was he wanting me to get away?  Did he have second thoughts about about pulling over such a cute girl on a rainy day when she was kind of going the speed limit with a nail in her tire? 

I decided to just keep driving slowly and wait to see what he was going to do.  I didn't have to go much further before seeing a Corvette that had somehow managed to get into a single car accident and was sitting in a ditch on the side of the road.  That's when I knew it was safe for me to speed up again.  The police car must have been trying to figure out exactly where the accident had happened.

I arrived at the second Jeep dealership and was immediately greeted by a guy who was friendly and glad to see me even though it was raining and I could only get my car about half way up under the covered drive because they were also busy.  I got out of the car and told him about my tire and he walked around my car in the rain to look at the tire right then and there.  He didn't try to make me wait for three hours!

After his examination of my tire, he reached the same conclusion I did.  The nail was only stuck in the side of the tire thread and hadn't done any real damage and I wasn't in danger of getting a flat.  He asked me to give him a minute while he called a tech to bring up some pliers.

A guy showed up with the pliers and the first guy told him that if there was a leak they wanted him to take care of the tire for me.  About three seconds later the nail was out of the tire and they were both leaning over it trying to feel or hear air escaping.  When nothing bad happened, they declared it the easiest nail in a tire they had ever dealt with and sent me on my way.

Guess who will be getting my future business?  Come on, we all know that my new but junky car is probably going to be demanding lots of attention.  As a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure the dealership in Florida messed it up more than it was already messed up! 

When it acts up again, I should have the tow truck driver drive me past the first dealership that wouldn't even look at my tire so I can have a Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman moment.....

Big mistake!  Big!  Huge!


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