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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Day Three

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So, today I took my time getting to school.  I knew I wasn't hiding anything in the morning so it was OK.  One of the fourth grade teachers said that we had found the secret to getting people to work on time because everyone wanted to be there to get the clues and start hunting for tickets.  One of the sixth grade teachers said there was actually talk of people trying to follow me around.  One of the teachers on my grade level kept telling me to get to my room and send my email with the clues.

So, I sent an email saying that the other Elves and I had worked late at the toy shop.  Then admitted that we had actually just stayed up late watching The Voice finale.  I said that our brains were a little foggy and the clues would be sent out as soon as we finished waking up.

People were so disappointed!

It turned out that we had a fire drill while my class was at music.  I used that as an excuse for not being able to hide the tickets later in the day.  People thought that there would be no scavenger hunt for the day and it was sad.

Actually, I went into the Media Center during the middle of the day to hide the tickets, but as I walked in one of the fourth grade teachers was in there with her class.  I couldn't hide them them because fourth grade is the grade that is the most into this thing.  Sadly, I wasn't very prepared to see her in there!  I told the media specialist that I had come in to ask her a question, but had forgotten was is was. 

Worst cover up in the world!  LOL!

I managed to get back to the Media Center later and as I walked in, Katie, our media specialist, told everyone to stop talking so that I wouldn't forget what I was there for.  I had to confess what I was doing and she helped me pick hiding places.

During our holiday lunch I announced that the tickets were all hidden in the room and asked people to please keep the hair pulling and name calling to a minimum.  I also said that we would like for the people who found tickets today to hide the tickets tomorrow.  Everyone was in!

It was so much fun watching them hunt!  One ticket was the hardest and it was so funny!  Everyone was all around the ticket, but for some reason, no one could see it.  It was awesome!  There were some books stacked up to look like Olaf and I had put the ticket between two of the books on the back side.  People looked on the front and on the sides.  Heck there were even people pulling books off the top, but NO ONE looked at the back!

Finally, my principal started yelling out, "Look BEHIND you!" and "We can see your BEHIND!"  It was so funny!

Eventually, the ticket was found and we moved on to the ugly sweater contest.

Now, since I don't have to hide tickets when I get to school, I get to be part of the hunt.  So, I better get some sleep!


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