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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

That's Foxy!

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So, one of my lovely students learned a new word over the weekend----FOXY! He came into class saying, "That's foxy!" about everything he saw. To truly appreciate it though, you really need to say it and hold that "e" sound at the end of the word..."That's fox-eeeee" lol!

Well, the other kids thought the word was so funny they had to start saying it too. This means that I spent the better part of my day hearing how "fox-eee" everything was.

My computer is fox-eee!
My paper is fox-eee!
Calendar time is fox-eee!
Counting is fox-eee!
This new soap is fox-eee!
Ms. Brown, you're fox-eee!
My lunch is fox-eee!
etc. etc, etc...!

(FYI! If you have school aged children, please let them know that it is NEVER a good idea to describe your teacher using the same word that you use to describe school cafeteria food...EVEN if that word is fox-eee!)

While the kids were at lunch, I was in the room and as usual I pulled up my blog so I could listen to the music. I usually close the blog window before I pick my class up, but today I was running a little late and forgot. So they came into the room and were not happy with my music selection. Several kids actually put their hands over their ears. lol! There was laughter and demands that I turn it off.

I had to use my "teacher voice" to get them quiet and then I turned off the music as soon as I got to the computer. In that one moment of silence between turning off the music and my laughing out loud I heard one kid say (just a little too loudly) to the others at his table, "That song wasn't fox-eee."

(Forgive them, Michael Buble', they know not what they say. I mean, what else can you expect from a bunch of kids that make me sit on the playground and listen as they sing Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers' songs to me? Your music is fox-eee and so are you...CALL ME!)

Now the worst part (except for being put in the same category as cafeteria food) is that I came home from school with the word fox-eee stuck in my head. I have now driven Orange Croc Guy just as crazy as my class drove me.

Earlier tonight, I mixed up a fox-eee batch of margaritas and sat out by the water with Orange Croc Guy to watch the fox-eee sunset over Miami. Then, I stood up and announced that I was going in to make some more fox-eee margaritas and order some fox-eee fajitas so the fox-eee Cute Fajita Delivery Guy would bring them over. Orange Croc Guy and I almost had a fox-eee fight when he said, "That delivery guy isn't all that, you know!"

(Forgive him, fox-ee Cute Fajita Delivery Guy, you are all that and OCG is just jealous...CALL ME!)

Well, after the fox-ee margaritas were gone and the fox-eee fajitas had been eaten I was ready to settle down and watch some fox-eee Being Human on the Syfy channel when Orange Crox Guy tried to ruin the moment again. He demanded to know why we were watching Being Human when we had watched the original series on the BBC and this one is pretty much the very same thing with different actors.

I had to give him credit there, because he was right and the vampire guy on the BBC version was way fox-eee-er than the vampire guy on the Syfy version. I still wanted to watch though, so I pointed out that the BBC version was set in London and the Syfy version isn't. SO THERE! He rolled his eyes at me, but I got to watch my show.

Now, it's late and I am going to get some fox-eee sleep.

Have a fox-eee day!


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