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Friday, March 13, 2015

Who wants to give me $125?

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Check out this contest I want to enter.....


 All I need to do is write in 200 words or less how winning this bed and breakfast in Maine would change my life.  Then submit my entry with an entrance fee of $125 before May 17th.

The current owner won the inn in 1993 by doing the very same thing!  Of course, the entry fee then was only $100.

You all know I love writing about myself. LOL!  You also know that I dream of owning a summer home in Maine. 

Now,this will give me a year round home in Maine.  BONUS!

So, who's in?  Who wants to front me the entry fee in exchange for a free room any time they want to visit
after I win.  I'll even guarantee that someone other than me cooks your breakfast!

Plus, just think of the stories I'll have to tell about trying to run a business!


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