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Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 51

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Well, there no update on my car.  Is it bad that I want to go on a totally awesome roadtrip that puts tons of miles on this loaner they given me?  You have no idea how many times I had to talk myself out of heading back to Tennessee today!

Here are some more pictures from my vacation.  These are from a hike to Fern Branch Falls on the Porters Creek Trail.  This hike starts out on a nice old road beside the creek.  You wind your way up the mountain alongside the water most of the way.  You pass remains of old homesteads and an old cemetery.  There's a branch in the road at one point and if you go to the right you'll find on old barn and house.  If you go to the left you'll find your way to the waterfall.

As much as I wanted to explore the old home site, we didn't because we were trying to beat the rain.  That side of the trail will have to wait for another visit.

We had two creek crossings on this hike and the second one was the scariest one ever!!  Seriously!  As soon as I saw it, I knew what everyone had been talking about!  There's a turn on this bridge and the handhold is farther back than I was comfortable with.  Usually, I'll stop in the middle of the footbridge to take some pictures.  That didn't happen on this one! 

When I posted on Facebook that everyone had UNDERstated just how scary this bridge is I got some pretty interesting responses.  One lady said that she had a picture of herself practically crawling over the bridge and another said that she had made the hike three different times and always turned around once she reached the bridge.  Apparently, she approached it thinking, "This is the day I cross the bridge!"  She changed her mind every time!

I made it across the bridge! 

I am telling you though, if you know anyone that hasn't had their come to Jesus moment, this bridge will give it to them!

Once you cross the bridge, the path narrows and becomes rocky with lots of tree roots.  You keep going though, because turning around means crossing the scary bridge again.  LOL!  Of course, either way, you have to cross the bridge again, so you might as well see the waterfall!

The water level was still low, but the waterfall was beautiful and we had the trail and fall all to ourselves!  It wasn't until the way back down that we even saw another person.  It was awesome! 


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