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Sunday, November 28, 2010

HELP! I need HELP!

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Yesterday I finished my novel! It was such a great feeling I bragged about it to all my friends. Orange Croc Guy pretended to be unimpressed, but later told me how proud he was. (He hasn't read it yet. LOL!)

Today I uploaded it to the NaNoWriMo site for the official word count only to find that I was almost 5,000 words short. After freaking out I read lots of posts about how the word count can be off for different programs. Some add words and some take words away.

How can that happen? I mean a word is a word, right?

Anyway, the only word count that matters is the official one at NaNoWriMo and their's says that I need more words. Lots more!

I've been going back to add stuff, but I think I'm taking out just as much as I'm putting in. (That's why they tell you not to edit now!) I've decided that I need to just add another chapter. That means I need another loser boyfriend for Ginger to meet up with.

Now, I know you guys haven't read about any of the losers from her past yet, but there are some big ones. lol! I need help thinking of another one. I thought about writing a fajita delivery guy into the book, but I just can't make him a loser. My delivery guy is just way too hot for that!Plus, I plan on marrying him someday. He just doesn't know it yet. lol!

Want to help me out? Tell me some stories about the losers you've dated in the past. You know the ones you thought were "all that" at the time, but looking back you say, "What the heck was I thinking?" You can also share stories about the guys your friends or children have dated. Don't be shy! We've all dated "those" guys.

I'm hoping to get some ideas that I can combine together for the ultimate loser!

I've got until midnight on November 30th to finish up and get another word count. Please help!

Just think of all the laughs we can share while telling our stories!


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