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Monday, January 2, 2012

You can laugh, everyone else has...

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I opened up to OCG today about a secret celebrity crush I have and you probably heard him laughing at me from wherever you are. His first comment was, "How much did you drink last night?" and the comment he ended the conversation with was, "You need help."

I admitted to not always being attracted to this person. As a matter of fact, I always thought he looked like he needed a shower and I never really considered him funny. Even I was shocked when I first started looking at him in a different light! Do you want to know who I'm talking about? Well, I'll tell you but I'm going to bed as soon as I post this so if you're going to laugh at me too, please do it quietly so you don't wake me up. lol!

I admitted to having a crush on ...

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Russell Brand

I can't explain it really other than to say I love a guy with an accent and I started thinking differently about this guy last summer after I read what he wrote for Amy Winelhouse after she passed away. Did you read it? It's on his blog. I read it and remember thinking, "Wow, who knew he actually had deep thoughts." lol! That was when my little crush started.

Now, he's getting divorced and I feel sorry for him cause I just know he's all sad and heartbroken. I could cheer him up!

OCG was watching TV and I was sitting beside him playing on the computer when I ran across yet another update on "the divorce". I looked at the pic they had of him and commented on Russell's sexiness. That's when OCG asked how much I had to drink as we were bringing in the new year.

I tried to explain the difference between good looks and sexiness. While I might not find Russell that good looking (He's no George Clooney!) I do find him to be a sexy man. well, I never should have gone there!

OCG: So, George Clooney is good looking, but Russell Brand is sexy?

ME: Right.

OCG: What am I?

ME: What do you mean?

OCG: Am I good looking or am I sexy?

ME: You....you have a good personality.

That was when he told me I needed help.

I know it was a mean thing to say, but he was laughing at me!


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