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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silhouettes and Sunsets by The Kit Cart

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Got pictures of your tropical vacation?  Wish you were on a tropical vacation?

Well, The Kit Cart has got the perfect set of mini kits to help you!  They are called Silhouettes and Sunsets and they match other mini kits in the store at Gotta Pixel so you can mix and match.

Check them out...

Isn't it gorgeous?  Here are a couple of layouts I made using these goodies...

Head over to The Kit Cart Store at Gotta Pixel and check these out!

One of those nights...

Download word art here

You know those nights when you go out expecting to have a great time and then end up wishing you had stayed home?  Well, that was Sunday night for me!

Lonely Girl and I were meeting up with the Miami Beach Photography Club to get some sunset shots around 7 PM.  I picked her up and we were on our way! 

As I drove she told me about someone that she had gone out with who at the end of the night explained that he thought he was going to get back with his ex girlfriend and said that he would call her when he wanted to see her again.

UGH!  Right?

Well, Lonely Girl is WAY nicer than I am.  She said that she simply replied, "Ok, fine."  She said that knowing that she had no intention of ever answering another call from him.

I let it be know that those are not the words I would have replied with.  I would have used way more words and they all would have been four letter words!  The dude would have known better than to even think about calling me again!

Poor, Lonely Girl!

We meet up with our friends at South Pointe Park and some people who were joining us for the first time.  There was a nice turn out.  Too bad the sun didn't want to be seen!

Anyway, have you ever met someone and immediately felt creeped out?  I know we're supposed to be nice to everyone ~ But, sometimes that hard to do!

There was a guy there that had never joined us before.  He was using his cell phone to take pictures.  Which is ok because cell phones take pretty good pictures these days.  The only problem was that the only pictures he was interested in taking were on Lonely Girl and myself.  There were at least three times that we didn't even realize he was taking our pictures until one of us moved and he would comment about how we weren't very good models. 

All I can think about are how many other photos he took that we knew nothing about.  GROSS!

Before anyone has even thought about packing up and calling it a night he was running around trying to talk everyone into going for a beer.  Not a bad idea and something we do quite often after taking photos.  But, this guy didn't want to let it drop and even though we ended up standing right in front of Monty's by the water with a view he wanted to go to Big Pink.

Don't get me wrong!  I love Big Pink!  They deliver!  lol!

I've heard people call the place "Pinks" for short , but I have never heard anyone call it "The Pink" which was what he insisted on calling it.  DISTURBING!

Well, a little rain started to fall.  It actually didn't last long, but people used it as a reason to pack up the camera and the weird guy used it as an excuse to once again bring up going to "The Pink".  UGH!

Again, don't get me wrong, I was all for getting a beer!  However, I was more interested in going somewhere with the people I knew and the peole I knew weren't going anywhere with this weird dude!

Except for Lonely Girl!

Weird dude said it would be best to walk along the street.  I tried to get Lonely Girl to come with me along the beach walk.  She didn't pick up on what I was trying to do and instead agreed with the weird dude and started walking away with him.  I had no choice but to follow.

I followed ~ several staps behind ~ hoping Lonely Girl would slow down so that I could talk to her.  She didn't.  Instead she walked faster than I have ever seen her walk.  I tried once again to get her to cut back to the beach walk with me, but once again she agreed with Weird Dud and kept going.

I was growing frustrated, but what could I do?

Finally, I was able to have a conversation with Lonely Girl about Weird Dude without anyone hearing and she was shocked.  She had no idea what I had been trying to do and hadn't yet picked up on the creepy vibes Weird Dude was sending out.

She asked, "Isn't everyone coming?"  I answered, "No they're not coming and this guy is really weird!"

At that point, we were kind of committed and figured we would be safe in a restaurant and if nothing else, we would have a funny story to tell.

We got to Big Pinks after the others had already been seated.  Of course, the only seats left were at the end of the table with Weird Dude.  I took the seat across from him cause I wasn't about to sit next to him.  lol!  Lonely Girl had gone to the restroom before coming to the table so she was forced to sit next to Weird Dude when she returned. 

Apparently, as she sat down he made some comment about the three of us having a private party after it was over.  Luckily, I didn't hear him!  Lonely Girl suddenly realized why I had been saying the guy was weird and gave him a look that let him know that was never going to happen.  He apologized pretty fast and said that sometimes people didn't get his jokes.  Ya think!

Then, the dude who had done nothing all night but try and talk people into going for a beer ordered water because he doesn't drink. 

He made several more creepy comments and asked us questions that we barely answered and we kept ourselves busy talking to the other people at the table.  Even though we didn't know them, they were all really nice and not even a little bit creepy!

At one point we were all talking about our favorite places to go and take photographs and the places we would like to go when Weird Dude announced that he wasn't really into photography.  WHAT?!?!

I swear, I think the guy showed up just hoping to pick someone up and that made Lonely Girl and I even more creeped out by the things he had said and knowing that he had pictures of us on his phone.

It was a long night! 

Our waitress was pretty bad too and that made the night even longer.  Once, we were finally away from Weird Dude all we could do was laugh.  What else are you going to do, right?

Anyway, I don't have many good pictures to share, but here are a couple...


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