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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to normal

OK, things around here are back to normal. I'm over my bout of sadness and self-pity, What If Guy has gone home, Orange Croc Guy has gone back to trying to reclaim the high score on his wii games and Dwyane Wade is staying with the Miami Heat.

This morning I made pancakes all by myself. LOL! I bought the mix in the yellow container that you add water to and shake. Mine weren't like the ones you get at the Waffle House. Mine were crunchy. Have you ever had crunchy pancakes? They were....uummm....interesting. Gross, but interesting. LOL!

Tonight I was on my own for dinner, so I ended the 27 day dry spell and ordered fajitas! And, yes, I have been counting the days since I last saw the cute delivery guy. Other delivery guys visit me on a regular basis, but it just isn't the same. LOL!

The cute delivery guy didn't pose himself in a cheesy way this time, but his smile was just as big. When he didn't hear any comments from the peanut gallery the cute delivery guy asked if I was by myself. I very quickly let him know that I had kicked my friends out so I could have some peace and quiet. He laughed. Apparently, he still remembers what happened the last time we ordered fajitas. LOL!

I'm going to get some sleep now. Enjoy your day!


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