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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here are a couple of questions for you...

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Question #1 = If I know and openly admit that I'm selfish, does that make me any less selfish?

Here are the major catastrophes that I've had to deal with over the last week or so...

1. The burger I ordered was over cooked.

2. The margarita I ordered arrived without salt on the rim.

3. My DVD player kicked the bucket.

4. My front load washing machine decided not to drain the water and the door wouldn't even open so my clothes were stuck in there soaking in water.

5. I ran into the Cute Fajita Delivery Guy when I was having a really bad hair/face/clothes day.

6. The door to the elevator at the grocery store wouldn't open and the wheels on the cart locked up after I went past the stupid yellow pole so I couldn't go around to the elevators on the other side.

7. My friends laughed mercilessly when I tripped going up the steps.

8. I had to pay, like, 80 thousand dollars a gallon just to put gas in my car.

9. The stupid battery on my laptop had to be replaced because it wouldn't hold the charge for more than 30 minutes.

10. The batch of orange sherbet I was making didn't freeze nearly fast enough.

11. A homeless man drinking "something" out of a 2 liter Sprite bottle and carrying a Victoria's Secret bag pinched my butt.

Aren't these just horrible things to have happen to anyone? Can you believe that I've actually had to go through all of this?

Last night I sat down in my oversized, very comfortable leather chair with a big bowl of orange sherbet that took way too long to make to watch some mindless TV. Instead of mindless TV I saw even more pictures, videos and stories from Japan. As I sat there watching, I realized that something was falling into my orange sherbet. It was tears that I didn't even realize I was crying.

Putting Things Into Perspective:

1. I have food, shelter and water.

2. I have friends and family that I know are alive and safe.

3. I have a job and just enough money to repair and/or replace the things in my life that break or need refilling.

4. I wasn't on the elevator when it got stuck.

5. The Cute Fajita Delivery Guy saw us before we spotted him, so he could have run away without saying anything---But, he didn't!!!

6. Even though I really, really wish that homeless guy hadn't pinched my butt, I keep coming back the the thought that ---The dude thought my butt was pinchable. Isn't that better than having one that isn't pinchable?

7. Everyday I have had something and/or someone make me smile.

Question #2 = How big are the catastrophes in your life? Really?

If you've looked at your life and realized how lucky you are and you can, please donate whatever you can to help Japan. It doesn't have to be much. Imagine, if everyone out there donated just a dollar or two how quickly we could help to return the smile to someone's face.

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