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Monday, October 26, 2009

Here you go...

Download wordart here

A couple of days ago I posted a different version of this wordart and got a request for this one. I got it done and wanted to post it right away. If you didn't get the first one, you can see it here. It's all about who's driving the crazy train! LOL!

I was working in my class after school today and pulled my blog up so I could listen to the music while I worked. I noticed that someone from Lincolnton, North Carolina has visited today. That's the little town I lived in. I graduated from LHS. I thought that was pretty random, since it is a small town. So, if you're reading this and you're from Lincolnton...hey! LOL!

I'll be back later to post another QP from April's Hallow's Eve kit. Don't forget about April's sale and make sure you look for me at digifree!

I may need to take a cooking class!

Download wordart here

It's no secret that I can't and don't cook, but I may need to change that. Today I was sitting out by the water and a very cute guy walked by. We exchanged "Hi's" and then he asked me if I was the one "doing all the baking the other day". After I laughed I let him know that no one has ever accused me of baking before. He said that someone was baking and it smelled great then he saw me carrying a basket and thought I had put my baked goods in the basket to go somewhere.

Well, I've been sick so I'm a little off my game and it didn't occur to me that this cute guy just might be flirting with me. I was too caught up on someone thinking I had actually baked something and trying to figure out when I had carried a basket anywhere. LOL!

Anyway, I've got a basket and a fire extinguisher, so I'm ready to bake something and go looking for the cute guy. I just need to know what and how to bake. LOL!

I found some time today to play with April's Hallow's Eve kit and I've got two quick pages for you. I'll give you the first one today and the second one tomorrow. If you haven't picked up this kit yet, now is a great time to get it! April has all of her kits 50% off until the end of October. Go to her Scrap it Sassy store and check it out.

This first layout also has a pumpkin from April's Jack-O-Lantern Faces kit. Your download link is below the picture.

Download QP here

I'm going to get some sleep now. Enjoy your day and look for me at digifree!


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