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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't use a shoebox!

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The second day back from vacation and I was actually more tired than I was on Monday. LOL!

The kids were just as tired and I felt like I had to work twice as hard to get any work from them.  In science we're talking about the similarities and differences in plants and animals.  I was trying everything I could think of to get them to realize that they both need space to grow.  I was getting nothing!

I asked if they had ever seen their moms or grandmothers take a plant and move it into a bigger flower pot.  They hadn't and a couple of them couldn't understand why a plant would be in a pot to begin with. I had to explain that a flower pot is very different from the pots their moms use when they cook dinner.

You have to remember that these are city kids and when we plant things at school we use the clear plastic cups so we can watch for roots.

I was getting desperate and it was almost lunch time so on top of being tired I was also a little hungry and maybe that's why I just couldn't think of something wonderful to say to that got through to them.

At least that's the story I'm going with.  LOL!

My abilities as a teacher reached an all time low when I asked if they were the same size now that they were when they were babies.  They responded with laughs and a very adamant "no".  So I continued on...."What if, when you were a baby, I had taken you and placed you in a shoebox.  Do you think you would have been able to grow as tall as you are now?

After I asked that question something happened in my room that NEVER happens.....there was quiet!  Everyone just looked at me and no one said anything until one little boy finally spoke up and said,

"That would be really mean."

Now, I need you to remember that I was tired and hungry so that you don't judge me too harshly.

  I stood there with all of them staring at me and the only reply I could come up with was...

"I wasn't planning on putting the lid on the box."

Yeah, I'm going to try this lesson again tomorrow.

Wish me luck.


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