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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 34

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So, I made it to my workshop today and I only had to hit the snooze button once this morning!

The workshop is going well, but they have us in the cafeteria sitting at cafeteria tables.  That makes for a long day!  Of course, I shouldn't complain about the long day because we were suppose to be there until 3:45 and actually got out at 2:45. 

The presenter said that she learned the AC would be turned off in the building at 3:00, so she made the call to let us go early. 


Of course, this whole workshop is kind of a downgrade.  Believe it or not, originally, I was scheduled to go back to Orlando in July for a week with some other teachers from school.  But, before school let out for the summer my principal told us that for budget reasons it wasn't going to happen.  She paid for us to go to this local  two day version instead.

Gotta give her credit, she could have just scrapped the whole thing.  I'm glad she didn't!

Now, here's the run down of the best conversation I had today...

I was sitting with two other teachers from my school and we were catching up on what we've been doing since school let let.  One of the girls said that she found a new house and would be closing on it July 7 and that she had a pool. 

Now, someone else had walked up to me and asked a question so I didn't hear the last part of what was being said completely about the new house.  To me, it sounded like she said, "I got parole."  I just couldn't understand why she was smiling as she said it!

I asked for clarification, "Did you just say you got parole?"  She continued to smile as she shook her head yes. 

I sat speechless and stared at her until something clicked and she sat up straight and declared,  "Pool!  I have a pool!" 

You have no idea how relieved I was!


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