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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I have a ghost!

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OK. ok, I know that I've told you I have a ghost before.  (I still haven't figured out that whole toilet flushing incident!)  This time I think my ghost is for real!  Of course, I was pretty sure the last one was real.....it was everyone around me that doubted.

Before I go further into my story, I need to tell you another one of my secrets.  I recently moved to a bigger better condo.  I love it!  I have so much more space and in, you know, thirty short years it will be all mine.  LOL!  I'm on the 6th floor in a gated community with my own private wrap around balcony and a great view!

I came home one day last week and the door in my bedroom that leads out to the balcony was open.  At the time, I didn't think too much about it.  It had rained pretty hard earlier in the day and I figured that I had just left the door unlocked and the wind from the storm had caused it to open.  My front door was locked when I got home and there was no way anyone had scaled their way up to the sixth floor.

However, I did do a quick walk through and checked all the rooms and closets.

Last night, I was in bed with all the lights out reading on the Ipad when the overhead lights suddenly came on.  The overhead lights!!!  Not the lamp by the bed!!  The overhead lights that I couldn't have reached because the switch is on the other side of the room.

Seriously, it's on the other side of the room.  I took this photo of the foot of my bed so that you could see how far it is from the light switch by the bedroom door. 

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Oh crap, ignore my shoes in the floor!  lol!

It's a dimmer switch so the lights didn't come all the way on, but the room was lit enough to see everything.  There was no one in the room with me.....no one that I could see, anyway.  There was no storm so there was no loud noise or shaking of the building.  Absolutely nothing had happened other than the lights coming on!

I was completely freaked out!  I just sat there very quietly for a moment and waited to see if anything else was going to happen.  When nothing happened I started talking...

Me:  Is there anyone in my house?


Me: Hello, who turned my lights on?


Me: Are you ok?


Me:  Does that mean you're not ok?


I sat there for several minutes before putting the Ipad down, pulling up the covers and falling asleep as I repeated, "Please be a nice ghostPlease be a nice ghost."  over and over.

So, who wants to have a sleep over at my house?  lol!


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