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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's over and I'm heart broken!

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I..........am..........NEVER..........ordering..........fajitas..........again! (insert loud crying sobs here)

I decided early today that I was going to be ordering fajitas for dinner and that had me smiling all day. LOL! So, as it got closer to dinner time, I cleaned a little, showered, dressed, dried my hair and even put on make up. (You do remember how cute I told you the delivery guy is, right?)

Well, when the long awaited knock on the door came...it wasn't my cute delivery guy standing on the other side. (insert more crying here) I opened my door to find that a very nice stranger was delivering my fajitas. The first thought that went through my mind was....."He's dumped me......my cute delivery guy has dumped me...and he sent this stranger to tell me" (yes, I'm still crying)

I really wanted to grab this stranger, shake him and demand that he tell me where my cute delivery guy was. Instead, I put on a fake smile said hello and asked if he was the new delivery guy. He smiled back at me and I think his smile was genuine which made me want to smack him because I was in pain and he's going around smiling like everything's OK.

He said he was new and it was his first night. My poor broken heart fell to pieces all over the floor as a voice screamed inside my head....."Why didn't you order fajitas last night?!?!"

I tried to put up a brave front, but it was really hard. I asked if they hired more delivery guys because business was booming. (fingers crossed because maybe I can still see cute delivery guy if that is what happened) He told me that he was filling in for a driver that quit. (fingers uncrossed, tears filling eyes, heart breaking into even smaller pieces)

QUIT! QUIT! How could he? What about me? What about the children? Well, ok, so we don't have children. But what about all those poor fajitas that will never find a home because I will never again allow them in my house? (insert uncontrollable sobs here)

I didn't want this stranger to see me cry so I paid for the fajitas that I no longer wanted, told him to have a nice night and closed the door. This time, for the first time, when I closed the door on the delivery guy I knew it was over. My cute delivery guy had moved on and left me behind. I know that I'll never forget him, but I wonder if he'll ever think of me.

Oh, who am I kidding, of course he'll think of me. I'm a good tipper! LOL!


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