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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a scary, scary world!

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So, today I ventured out beyond the security gate because after living like a hermit since last Friday I needed to run some errands and pick up some important things like toilet paper and junk food. I also needed to get some blood work done for a doctor's appointment I have next week.

I decided to go for the blood work first and as I was driving there I passed one of those evil speed checker thingys. (I swear they love those things around here!) The stupid thing flashed repeatedly to let me and everyone else that was close enough to see that I was going over the speed limit. Well, what do you expect? I mean the speed limit is only 35. Give me a break. lol! (Just kidding---I never drive faster than the speed limit, so if you know any cops in this area please tell them I said that. OK?)

I make it to LabCorp and the lady there must have been having a bad morning cause she took her frustrations out on the poor vein in my arm. I didn't scream, but that's only because I held my breath!

As I was leaving LabCorp which is on the second floor of a building with a very, very small elevator I was joined by three guys. Now, normally I would be excited about the guys cause they were kind of cute, but all I could do was stand there silently and mentally calculate every one's weight to see if the box they called an elevator would hold us all. It held us all and I didn't freak out, but once again I held my breath!

I stopped at the store at the same time half of Miami Beach decided to stop there. I can't stand crowded grocery stores and I had stopped at one of the older stores cause it was closer to where I was than the one I usually stop at. This one is smaller and doesn't have as much space between the aisles so when you get behind a family of four that can't agree on what kind of bread they want you're pretty much stuck there. I didn't scream, but by the time I got to the check out counter I was ready to!

I paid for my goodies and was walking out the door when I heard someone fall in behind me. I didn't think anything it cause the place was crowded and I'm sure I wasn't the only person that wanted out. Then, there was this loud hacking sound behind me and I actually felt my hair move. How gross is that?!? Someone was right me and they were coughing on my head. YUCK! I didn't scream but I visibly shuttered and moaned as I stepped to the side and turned to see who was trying to kill me. It was just some dude who didn't even say he was sorry before he walked off. How rude is that? I mean if you're going to give me your killer germs you should at least say you're sorry...and buy me dinner!

I got home and realized that I didn't stop at the post office to mail a package. UGH! OK, so I kind of screamed about that cause I really needed to get that package in today's mail.

I came inside, put my junk food away, took the band aid off my arm and saw that I was already getting a bruise from the mean lady at LabCorp and took a shower to get the killer germs off of my head.

I still needed to mail my package so later in the day I decided to walk to the post office. As I was going out one of the security guards grabbed the gate after I pushed the button to release the lock and held it open for me. He even called me a queen! I was thinking about what a nice guy he was when he suddenly went all Mel Gibson on me and started telling me that the least I could have done was tell him thank you.

I had told him thank you! I said it as soon as he reached for the gate! Luckily, another security guard was standing there and pointed out that he had heard me as he laughed at the other guy.

I never got an apology for his rudeness and I really think that I should have cause I did all the hard work and pushed that button.

I made it to the post office and mailed my package with no problem, but on my way out of the building another guy opened the door for me and I think I scared him when I said thank you loud enough for him to hear. Actually, I may have said it loud enough for all of you to hear. I just wanted to make sure I didn't get yelled at again. lol!

When I got home again, I entered through a different gate cause I didn't want to see that first security guard again. I haven't left home again!

I'm done! I'm home, I'm happy and I'm done......until tomorrow when I'm going to drive across the causeway into Miami.

Wish me luck!


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