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Monday, August 13, 2012

I really am with the paparazzi now!

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Saturday night we went out to the Wynwood Art Walk to see what kind of pictures we could take. The Wynwood area is filled with art galleries and studios and all the buildings have been painted graffit style. On the second Saturday of every month the galleries open their doors for a type of open house. There are street vendors and performers and live music and lots and lots of interesting characters wandering around.

On top of the local restaurants and bars the streets are also lined with food trucks! We were walking down one of the streets and I noticed that one of the girls setting up her food truck looked familiar. It was Robin from Hell's Kitchen.

I pointed her out to my friends to see if they thought it was here too. That's when Robin looked up and saw us. I asked if we could take her picture and she very happily agreed to pose for us.

Actually, she wanted to pose with us and was a little confused by the fact the none of us wanted to be in the picture too. We didn't have the heart to tell her that none of us had pulled for her on the show or that at that moment in time we weren't even sure of her name. lol!

She was much nicer in person than she ever was on the show!

Later in the night we walked past her truck again and I waved when Robin looked up. She called me over and gave me a free bottle of water and we talked about how sexy Gordon Ramsey is. This girl is now my new best friend! lol!

Here's a picture of her standing by her food truck...

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And, just because I thought you might enjoy a little eye candy, here's a picture of my friend Hector enjoying a free shot...

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Isn't he a cutie? I have no idea who those other people are. They just offered Hector a shot and he took it. lol! The red head actually has Hector's camera taking a picture for him.


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