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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Story of Me part 41

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August 30, 1999

Fourth grade gave way to fifth grade which gave way to sixth and Leo and Harmony had remained the best of friends. Harmony was still shy, but if Leo was with her she would talk to the other students. With the encouragement Leo received from the Harrisons and Harmony his grades had improved greatly.

Leo’s grades and behavior had improved so much that families were looking to take him in as a foster child or even for for adoption. Leo made it clear that he wasn’t interested. No one could understand why he wanted to stay in the group home. Leo would smile to himself and think that if they could meet Harmony they would understand. He would never do anything that would take him away from her and if that meant staying in the group home until he turned eighteen he was prepared to do just that.

Leo saw Harmony sitting on the curb waiting for him and waved. She saw him and jumped up to greet him. She ran down the sidewalk toward him and he watched her smiling.

Harmony reached Leo and threw her arms around him. “Good morning, Leo.”

Leo returned the hug smiling. “Hey, Harmony. Are you ready for our first day of middle school?”

“I’m only ready because we have most of our classes together. Other than that I don’t care about school at all.” Harmony declared as she backed away from Leo and corrected his shirt collar that was standing up on one side.

“Don’t say that.” Leo reached for her hand and turned to start walking toward school. “You’re smart and we need to get through school so we can get jobs when we get older.”

Harmony laughed and bumped shoulders with Leo as they walked. “You sound just like the Harrisons.”

“I like the Harrisons.” Leo said as he held his head up a little higher and they both laughed.


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