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Saturday, March 30, 2013


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OCG had declared that I am the most boring person alive.  I gotta say, that lately, I agree with him.  We head back to school Monday and I have have pretty much slept my spring break away.  It's not my fault that I haven't been feeling well and still have that stupid cough that seems to love me even though I DO NOT love it!

In a moment of weakness (i.e. boredom!) I checked my school email and found the sweetest email from the Guidance Counselor at Sebastian's school.  She wanted me to know that she, as well as everyone else, has fallen in love with him and admire his independence.

I need to email her back, but I haven't yet because every time I think about what to say, I cry.  You see, without knowing a single thing about the school he was going to, I knew that they would educate and protect him.  My biggest hope was that they would appreciate and love him also. 

They do and it makes me so happy that I cry!

I am happy for him because he doesn't have to worry about being left alone or picked on.  I am happy for the new school and the teachers there because they will now get to learn the same life lessons that I was able to learn from Sebastian.

I am also jealous of those teachers because they will get to watch him grow and expand his horizons  even more than I have.

I am grateful that I was able to meet him and that I still have contact with him and his mother.

 I am etremely grateful and just a little bit jealous that he now has Mrs. Tonietti in his life.

Now, I have to dry my eyes and get some sleep because we're going to photograph the sunrise in not too many hours.  lol!


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