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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Check out the new bling!

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Ok peeps, check out the pretty new bling I have on the left hand side of my blog. It's green and yellow and right under the followers.

I completed Camp Nanowrimo with a total of 51, 681 words!!! YAY ME!!! The story isn't finished yet so I'll still be working on it for the next week or so.

I just have to decide if there are another 50,000 words in me for August. What do you think? Should I atttempt it even though tomorrow is the first of August and I have to go back to school soon.

Note to self: You really need to find out when school starts so you don't miss the first day.

Since this story is almost finished I'll start sharing it with you soon. That means if you want to know what happens with Ginger and Alden and all of her crazy friends---you'll have to buy the book. (Don't you love how that worked out? lol!)

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You know you want to know the ending!

Anybody care to join me for the August version of Camp Nanowrimo? I'm not sure if I've got the words or the time, but I figure I have nothing to loose. The worse thing that can happen is I don't reach 50,000 words.

It would be cool to get some more bling for the old blog though.....


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