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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Don't get mad if you're cold.....

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I know it may be a little too soon to make another weather post for those of you that are cold, but I really need to share this story.

On Tuesday afternoon, I got in the car after school and the AC didn't seem to be working. I wasn't happy, but I didn't worry about it too much until I was going to school Wednesday morning and it still didn't seem to be working.

Now I was a little worried! Why wasn't it working? Why hadn't it fixed itself over night?

I suffered through a long day at work before getting in the car to go home only to find that my AC still hadn't fixed itself.  I drove home as fast as I could because it was very warm out!

I grab OCG and convince him that we need to take a drive in my car so he can try to figure what is wrong with my car.  I suggested that going for ice cream would be a great idea since there's no air and the car will be hot.

We get in the car and I quickly point out that you can feel the air blowing, but it's not cold.  He sits there for what feels like forever before he says anything.  I'm starting to think that we aren't going for ice cream because it's too hot in the car and he can't stand it when he finally speaks up.....

OCG:  your air isn't working? (Said more like a question than a statement of fact.)
ME: I know, right?

OCG just shook his head, reached over to the console and said,

Did you know that you need to push right here in order to actually turn the AC on?

It turns out that my AC works just fine when it is turned on.

If any of you happen to know Chuck Lorre could you ask him to call me.  I've got a great idea for a new TV character he might be interested in writing a comedy about.


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