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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vegas, baby!

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So, spring break is a couple of months away and I'm going to have a girl's week in Las Vegas!  We're going to use a time share week that my friend Susan has. 

Our first choice of destinations was Washington DC.  Not because of politics or anything like that, but because we were hoping to catch the Cherry Blossoms in bloom.  We're so patriotic!  lol!  Sadly, there was nothing available there the week we want to go.

Our second destination choice was Gatlinburg.  I told you guys I loved it there!  Spending a week in the mountains in March should be much warmer than it was in November and just as pretty.  Sadly, the only thing available for us was a one bedroom condo and that just wasn't going to work.

So, my friend's husband, who was doing all the condo searches for us said there were some really nice availabilities in Vegas and we jumped on it!

So, now all I need is for March 20th to get here so I can go there!

I'll try to tell you guys all about the trip, but you know what they say.....

What happens in Vegas......

Oh, who am I kidding, I'll give you all the details!  lol!


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