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Monday, March 9, 2015

Don't call me old!

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Saturday night  at around 10:30 my neighbor and I decided to meet up with the guys for a late night bite to eat and a dink or two.  I hadn't eaten dinner, so I was ready to go and around here the restaurants are still pretty busy at that time.

After some shared appetizers, a couple of beers, lots of laughs and great conversation my neighbor and I headed back home while the guys went to shoot pool.  We were walking along a sidewalk we've walked thousands of times when I lost my balance and tripped over an uneven place.  I knew it was uneven there!  I knew it and I still tripped.  My ankle twisted HARD and I went down fast.  It hurt really bad too!

There were some teenagers standing around across the street from where we were and when I fell I heard one of them yell....

Oh my God, that old lady just fell down!

They came running across the street to make sure I was OK and see if they could help.  The only thing I could say to them was.....actually I YELLED it.....

I heard you call me an old lady!

Those poor kids started apologizing and saying that it was dark so they couldn't see me very well and then were speechless as they watched my neighbor fall the sidewalk beside me laughing.

Eventually, they helped us both up off of the sidewalk and headed back across the street as my neighbor walked while I limped the rest of the way home.

I can only imagine the stories those kids are telling their friends now!

I made it home and was seriously considering going in to have my ankle xrayed, but didn't have the energy.  I iced it down and went to bed.

I woke up on Sunday morning with a sore swollen ankle that was starting to bruise and an embarrassing but typical Ginger story to tell.


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