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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puzzled Quickpages Link

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I've gotten a couple of emails saying that the link for the Puzzled quick pages isn't working. I'm not sure what the problem is, but it seems to be working now. Just let me know if you still have trouble. SORRY!

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Rainy Days

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Well, my neighbor and I were planning on going to the movies today, but it was raining so we stayed. I was making fun of her and told her to pull out her wii walking game since she bought it for rainy days. She did. I have to admit it was a little addicting. I would have preferred the walk to the movie theater and back, but this wasn't such a bad backup plan.

The only complaint I can make is that you have to earn points to unlock new songs and since she hasn't had it long there aren't a lot of songs that have been unlocked. We had to turn the game off before it played Vacation by The Go Gos one more time. LOL!

So far, I'm keeping my lost bet promise and haven't had any chocolate since just before midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning. Last night I couldn't sleep because I could hear the mini Snickers bars in the kitchen laughing at me. They can laugh all they want now...In 12 days they're mine! LOL!


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