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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy January

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OK, I'll admit it ~ the sound of the alarm clock scared me this morning!  I managed to get out of bed  though.  Of course, I woke up thinking, "just work two weeks and you'll get a long weekend!"  LOL!

Really, I love my new school!  I just love vacations more!

Speaking of school, I should tell you how our scavenger hunt ended,  Three people found winning tickets!  That's right ~  two girls won $2 each and a third person won $4.  LOL!  BIG money would have been nice, but the hunt was the best part,

I really need to apologize to everyone that I made fun of as they looked for hidden tickets.  You should have seen me the day I got to hunt! 

The ticket I found had a clue about Christmas break being so exciting there might be tears of joy.  I went to the room of a girl named Joy and found a ticket inside a box of kleenex.  My ticket wasn't a winner.  BOO!

Then, I was helping a friend of mine search for a ticket where the clue talked about going to see and ice show.  We headed to the cafeteria.  I was sure the ticket was in/on/around the ice machine, but she just knew it was in the freezer.  We would go into the freezer and look for as long as we could stand it and when we came out to warm up I would head right for the ice machine.  ALL of the cafeteria workers stopped working so they could stand around and laugh at us. 

At one point we walked out of the freezer and asked if we were getting warmer they laughed and said, "Of course, you're getting warmer, you just came out of the freezer!"  LOL!

Eventually we found the ticket taped to the bottom of a tray that was sitting on top of the ICE MACHINE! (people need to listen to me more!)  Of course, we lifted that tray and looked under it at least five times before we thought about looking at the bottom of it.  LOL!  Her ticket wasn't a winner either.

I was having so much fun, that I decided to help another girl as she went looking for a ticket.  This clue said something about red and white and one more color and being seen by all students.  We headed back to the cafeteria to check out the flag on the stage.  I knew they wouldn't put the ticket on the actual flag because that would be disrespectful, but I knew it had to be near it.  I put my hand on the flagpole and lifted it to look underneath only yo hear people laughing at me again.  Turns out that the ticket was taped to the flagpole and I had put my hand right under it when I lifted the pole. LOL!  Sadly, that ticket wasn't a winner either.


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