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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Men are so rude!

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I was pumping gas today and the station was really busy. There were cars on both sides of the pumps and there was one guy off to the side with an overheated car. He had the hood up and was doing something to it while smoke rose from the car.

Well, broken car guy came close to where I was pumping gas to throw something in the trash. As he was walking toward me a lady with her child were walking past also as they headed into the store. Broken car guy starts cat calling after the lady, telling her how good she looked. The lady didn't even turn around.

I finished up and got into my car thinking about how rude it was that he yelled those things when the poor lady was with her kid. Then I laughed at the thought of him actually thinking she would be interested in him and his busted up car.

As I was driving away a third thought came to me.......Why didn't he tell me how good I looked?

Apparently, this guy needs a new car and some glasses! lol!


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