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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Still burning that green candle...

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I'm still burning that stupid green candle and waiting for some money to come my way.  I really want to have rich people problems!  I just know I would be good with rich people problems!

Actually, I burned through that first green candle and stopped to buy a new one today.  Hopefully, this one won't be broken like the last one was!

It's greener than the other green candle, so that has to be good.....right?

The Mega Millions is up to  $40 million and the Powerball is over $300 million and I really want to call into work rich!

Seriously, someone somewhere is going to wake up and find that they are suddenly rich.  Why can't it be me?

At school today, I had to talk to a boy about his behavior and he got angry and answered me with.....

I didn't slap him!  I just touched his face really hard!

That is a school teacher problem!  I've had enough of those! 

I want rich people problems!

Because of that stupid green candle, my house smells like a pine tree and it's not Christmas and I'm not in the mountains.  I deserve to win for putting up with that, right?


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