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Saturday, January 3, 2015

The closer it gets to Monday...

The closer  it gets to Monday the more depressed I get.

This isn't just your normal, "I don't want vacation to end" kind of dread either.  Everyone I have talked to wants time to stand still so we don't have to go back.

It's really bad guys!

Before the break started I was talking to one of the guys I work with and he said,

"I'm 52 years old, I teach in a moldy trailer and I ask myself, 'How much more depressing can my life be?'..  Then...this year happened."

That, my friends, pretty much sums up the feelings of everyone I work with at this point.  

This year happened 

I'm counting down the days.....97 more school days and then hopefully...a change for the better...
In the mean time, I'll continue on with my marathons of The Walking Dead and Shameless.  I'll drink margaritas and eat ice cream. I will make fun of Orange Croc Guy and the rest of my friends. I will also, probably, disappear with my camera a time or two.



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