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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scraps of Ellay is having a CT call!

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OK people, listen up! If you have ever considered joining a CT this is the one you want to join! Ellay is a total rock star and is so much fun to work for. Her kits are totally awesome too!

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You can check out her blog here and her store here.


Download wordart here

What a week! There are 25 more school days until summer vacation so I'm starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. The only problem is that at this point I'm not convinced that the light isn't from an oncoming train. lol!

I made a dreaded stop at Walmart on my way to school this morning. YUCK! Well, in my rush to get what I needed and get out of that place I ended up leaving my cart in the electronics department and walking away with someone else's cart. I got to another department grabbed something else and added it to my cart. I immediately realized that something wasn't right. However, instead of noticing the things that were in my cart....I noticed the things that weren't in my cart. I freaked out thinking that someoe had actually stolen items out of my cart. lol! So, after further inspection and before anyone else noticed what a dork I am I took off for the electronics department again. My cart was sitting right where I left it and no one was around so I made the switch and got out of dodge. I'm sure that if someone just happened to be watching me on the security camera ---they got a really good laugh!

As I was getting into my car, I heard someone calling my name. I looked up to see one of the girls I work with. She asked what I was doing there that early in the morning. Hoping that she hadn't seen my cart fiasco, I explained that I only go there when I really have to and when it's really early.

One of my students got into trouble in the lunch room today because he kept singing some song very loudly even after being asked to stop repeatedly. The only explaination he would give me was that he saw ants on the floor. I didn't get it and tried to get him to explain....

ME: Why didn't you stop when the grown up asked you to?

HIM: I saw ants on the floor.

ME: You kept making the loud noises after they asked you to stop because you saw ants in the floor?

HIM: Red ants!

ME: You were singing because you saw red ants in the floor?

HIM: Yes!

ME: (Still not understanding and getting a little worried) Did...did the red ants tell you to sing?

HIM: No.

I still wasn't able to figure out the connection between seeing red ants on the floor and singing very loudly, but I decided it was probably a mystery that was better left unsolved.


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