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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Don't get me started!

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Another week starts with no air conditioning at school. UGH! At least I didn't fall today. LOL!

I made it until 1:00 before I gave up on the day and gave in to the horrible headache I had gotten from the heat. The movie went in and I started pulling individual kids to do some testing on the computer. About ten minutes into this my principal decided to come in for a visit. Now, on a normal day, I would be be worried about showing a movie when the boss visits, but not today! Instead I pointed at him and said, "I dare you to say something." He laughed and kept quiet. lol!

Of course, he walked back through about ten minutes later and acted like he had chill and wanted to know if anyone had a sweater he could borrow. I let him know that he was losing serious "cool" points!

On a brighter note, the postcards have started arriving! 5 postcards so far!

Atlanta, Georgia
Chapala, Mexico
Wellington, New Zealand
Perth, Scotland
Copenhagen, Denmark

So EXCITING! Thank you all so much for helping us out!

If you missed the post where I'm begging for postcards you can read about it here


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