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Monday, February 29, 2016

I filled out the form

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Ok, guys, I filled out the form to let everyone I work with know all about me.  I may need a new job after this, so if any of you can hook me up that would be appreciated!

For the question asking about my favorite movie I wrote: Psycho (explains a lot, doesn't it)

I don't really know what my favorite movie is! I just wrote that for the shock factor. Lol!  Plus, if they don't like my answers they may be too afraid to say anything, because, you know....psycho!

For the question asking what the craziest thing is that I've ever done I wrote: Filling out this form! I feel like I need to join the witness protection program.

And for the thing that they may not know about me...I told them that the only reason I exist today is because my great-great grandfather was a polygamist with seven wives.

I'll let you know all about their reactions!  It should be pretty interesting!


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