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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At least it wasn't a Monday...

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I arrived at school this morning to find that just like after all our long weekends, the air conditioning was out and several building had been tagged by the local neighborhood trouble makers. The day kind of went downhill from there. lol!

One of the boys in my class got sick and when I say he got sick I mean he got SSSSIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!!!!! He just kind of exploded and I ended up needing someone to clean my floor, one of my carpets, two of my tables, four chairs and three kids.

I sent kids to the office to get cleaned up and took everyone else outside while our room got cleaned. They thought that was just the best thing ever!

Being outside was fun right up until the point where another teacher came to the door and yelled out to us that we were under a code red and needed to get inside. I ran to the door in time to see the lady that works in our office running down the hallway to come get us and all the other teachers locking their doors. I started gathering my kids together as quickly and as calmly as I could before the terrorist/gang bangers/aliens/zombies or whatever could get us. My kids were really good and came into the building with no problem. However, there were several complaints about having to go back into the "sick room". I admit to not blaming them cause I was in no hurry to go back in there either. lol!

Our custodian, a very nice lady who doesn't really speak much English, was still cleaning and our room. I got the kids inside and out of her way then tried to explain to her that we were on a lockdown and she would need to stay in the room with us. She looked at me, smiled, shook her head up and down and said yes.

I went back to talking to my class and getting them settled down when all of a sudden I heard the door to our room---the door that I had locked and closed myself---close. I quickly looked up thinking, "Please be the ghost...please be the ghost...please be the ghost!" It wasn't the ghost. It was the custodian that I had just told to stay in my room-----leaving.

My next thought was, "OMG! She's going to get shot/stabbed/probed/eaten or whatever and I'm going to be on the six o'clock news because she was supposed to be in my class." I know that was a really selfish thought to have, but I was having a really bad morning and thought I deserved to be a little selfish. Plus, I REALLY didn't want to be on the news!

I couldn't freak out because I had a room full of kids. I let them know that it was OK to go to their seats and sat down myself to take a deep breath. Well, I didn't get to sit for long and the breath I got wasn't very deep. I suddenly had kids freaking out because the custodian left without cleaning up all the mess.

I couldn't ask the kids to sit there with the mess still all over everything and no one was going to come clean it up because we were on a lockdown. I had to clean it up myself. Trust me, you have no idea how hard that was for me to do. I don't handle things like that very well!

I was super proud of myself though because I got the job done and once again let my class know that they could go to their seats. They checked everything out very carefully before sitting down. One girl did everything but go over her chair with a magnifying glass! lol!

As soon as I got everyone quiet and seated and was heading for my own chair I heard the door---the door that I locked and closed myself---open. It was the lady from the office coming to get the bookbag of the kid who had gotten sick. I thought that was really strange because during a lockdown no one can come into or leave the building. That means his parents wouldn't be allowed to check him out.

I was about to ask her about that when I heard my Principal's voice come over the radio she was holding. He announced that the main campus was locked down and secure and the Drill was now over.

There were no terrorist/gang bangers/aliens/zombies or whatever and I wasn't going to be on the six o'clock news.

Why didn't someone just tell me that it was a drill? lol!

When the day finally ended I came home, grabbed a box of Girl Scout Thin Mints out of the freezer, threw myself on the couch and started telling Orange Croc Guy about my day. His only response was..."Well, at least it wasn't a Monday."


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