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Thursday, November 7, 2013

A good, a bad, an I don't know what and one freaking "it figures" for good measure.

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Ok, so I was meeting friends for dinner.  The restaurant is close enough to where I live that I could have walked, but I was out and about and decided that if there was an open spot on the street I would go ahead and take it.  If there wasn't an open parking space, I was going home to park and then walk back to the restaurant.

There was an open spot!  It was on the corner and I slid right into it without having to do my awkward "I have no idea what I'm doing and so it takes me five minutes to parallel park" routine or give up get out of the car and hand the keys to a total stranger while begging them to please just park the stupid car for me.  (Yes, I have actually done that!)

Since the parking space was there and waiting for me I was actually a few minutes early for dinner.  I decided I was on a roll and could tackle the tough job of figuring out how to change the clock in the car.  I did it!  Of course, I ended up using my phone to google how to do it and was late getting into the restaurant.

Who cares! I changed the clock within the first week of the time change and now I don't have to drive down the road, glance at the clock and have and have a mini panic attack thinking that I'm late for work when I'm actually early.


Dinner was great and the conversation was awesome!  I bragged about my parking space and how the clock in my car was set to the correct time and how I was just pretty much awesome all around.

You need to know that I drank nothing but water at dinner!  Honest!  Nothing but water, and that is an important detail for the BAD part of this story.

After dinner, we all parted ways at the door of the restaurant.  I walked to my car in it's awesome parking place, opened the door and proceeded to get into the car.  But, somehow, I missed the car and managed to fall off the curb.  That's right, I was stone cold sober, holding onto the open car door and still managed to fall off the curb.  It's the truth and sadly there were plenty of people on the sidewalk to witness my fall.  Of course, I'm sure they all thought I was drunk and somehow, it's a little less embarrassing if they do.  Lol!


As I was driving I hope I noticed a flier had been placed on my windshield.  Don't you just hate that!  I was hoping it would just blow off the car as I drove the short distance home.  That didn't happen though, so after I got home I grabbed the flier and was all ready to throw it away when I took a quick glance to see what it said.  It's a good thing I looked!  That stupid flier was actually a parking ticket.  A $37 parking ticket!

I don't get it!  I thought...and still think...that you don't have to feed the parking meters after 6pm.  According to the clock in my car it was it was 7:10pm when I pulled into that parking space.  That means it was actually 6:10pm (remember, I hadn't set the clock yet!).  The ticket was issued at 6:37pm.  Which means it was pretty much placed on the car as soon as I got inside the restaurant and out of site the "ticket crazy" person who placed it there.

I was already planning the "nice" conversation I would be having with someone from the clerk's office, when I noticed that the ticket wasn't for an expired parking meter.  It says "unlawful object/decals on license plate".   That confused me even more!  What are they talking about!

I went back out to look at my tag and see if someone had placed a crazy illegal sticker it while I was parked in that awesome parking space.  Thay hadn't!  My tag looks just like everyone else's!

Then I realized what they think I deserved a ticket for.  My tag expires this month...on my birthday....9 days after this stupid ticket was placed on my car.  My tags aren't illegal....yet!

I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON.....but I guess I should be glad they're over the whole thinking that I'm driving a stolen car that they stopped me for awhile back.

As I was headed back inside I stopped and checked the mail.  There was some junk, a few sales ads and one very important thing.....the new updated sticker for my car that says it expires 11/15.



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