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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Where's the weekend when you need it?

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Going back to work this week has been exhausting!  I've come home everyday and napped and napped and napped then gone to sleep for the night.  lol!

One of the teachers at school got a grant to plant a garden with the kids and  she asked some of us to join her.  As soon as she approached me I made it quite clear that while I thought it was a wonderful idea; I know less than nothing about planting and growing things. 

People, I have killed a cactus and I'm pretty sure I can even kill plastic plants if they're left in my care for too long! 

I agreed to go along with the project for the kids but I'm not above buying vegetables at the store and placing them in the garden so it looks like I've grown something.  lol!

Anyway, I had to go over a four page survey with each child in my class individually, give each student a 20 question pre-test, then grade and record the test scores. 

Seriously, I'm doing an awful lot of paperwork just for the privilege of killing some poor innocent plants. 

Thank you guys for the emails about Sebastian!  I promise to let you know when the cards start arriving.

Now, don't worry if I disappear for awhile.  You see I plan on winning the big powerball prize.  I know I'm going to win because I asked the Magic 8 Ball if I should buy a ticket and it said YES.  Then I asked if I was going to win the money and it said YES.

I had to buy a ticket because everybody knows the Magic 8 Ball doesn't lie!


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