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Friday, December 4, 2009

The mean teacher and traffic

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On Thursdays our PTA sells pizza to the kids as a fund raiser at the end of the school day. Some weeks lots of kids have money and others only a couple have money. Well, today was a day that lots of kids had money! Every child in my class except 4 showed up with money today. One little boy was really excited because he had $2 for two slices of pizza. I asked if he was planning to buy a slice for me and he made it clear that he wasn't. LOL!

Well, when it was time for the kids to go get their pizza he couldn't find his money. He was upset and the other kids were helping him look for the missing money. All the other kids except for one---the child that sits right beside him sat in her chair looking straight ahead like there was nothing going on around her. Then she made the mistake of picking up her crayon box to make sure that his money was still there where she had hidden it. BUSTED!

She insisted that the money was heres and that her mother had given it to her. Even when I said that I could go get her brother and ask him she stuck to her story. Well, I went next door and got her twin brother who said that no their mother hadn't given either one of them money. She suddenly decided to admit what she had done.

I was so sad that she had stolen and lied that I decided to buy pizza for the other three kids and myself. So, her punishment was sitting there watching everyone in the room eating pizza and not having any for herself because she tried to steal and then lie about it. Of course, I also told her mom what happened.

I also have to say that the snowbirds are here in full force. The last couple of days my drive home from work has been no fun. There are too many cars on the road and they are all driving too slow. LOL! Now, I know that I live in an area that depends on tourists and snowbirds to help the economy, but please, if you're here and you see my little silver VW behind you, either speed up or move out of the left hand lane. PLEASE! LOL!

My day did get a little better after I got home. I had someone send me one of those edible arrangements as a thank you. It was adorable! Notice I said "WAS". LOL! It was packed full of chocolate covered strawberries. Again, notice that I said "WAS".

I didn't attack the arrangement by myself. I shared with my neighbors. I let them have first pick of the fruits I didn't like. LOL! I do have to say that I always thought everything would be better dipped in chocolate, but chocolate covered grapes----not so much. LOL!

It's late and I need to get some sleep if I'm going to make it thorough tomorrow. Enjoy your day and remember to look for me at digifree!


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