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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm so over it!

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So, last week at school we battled an air conditioner that just didn't want to work. By Friday, it had totally won the battle! We were totally miserable all day!

I left school with the worst headache and cranked the AC in the car. After getting home, I actually had a nose bleed and I think it was because of the heat.

Today, once again there was no air conditioning. It wasn't as bad today because it was a Teacher Workday and no kids were in the room. That means there were 19 less bodies giving off body heat in the room. Plus, today there was a nice breeze outside.

Here's the funny part! While my class was on the playground Friday one of my kids was sitting beside me playing brick breaker on my phone. Well, he accidentally called my friend Melissa who is at home on maternity leave. We didn't realize that he had called her. She answered her phone and here's what she told me she heard.

Girl Student: It's the best day ever! (quoting lines from the movie Tangled)

Me: Don't say that! It can't be the best day ever because we don't have any air conditioning

Girl Student: I don't care. It's the best day ever!

Me: No it's not!

Boy Student: I'm on Ms. Brown's side.

Girl Student #2: He won't let me play.

Me: Be nice or we'll go back in the hot room and do work.

At this point another teacher walked out of the building and she listened as I talked to her and my kids discussed the bubbles they were playing with before being disconnected.

I'm going to bed now while crossing my fingers and toes in hopes of having air conditioning tomorrow.

It you get a strange phone call, don't worry, it's probably just us on the playground. LOL!


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