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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Catching up and getting back to normal

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I know I've told you guys this before, but I have to say it again---Miami is the best place ever! I am so glad to be home after a long tiring week.

I had a busy afternoon of answering emails, reading blogs, doing laundry, watching the shows that were recorded while I was gone and starting on my new novel for Camp Wrimo. Oh, and I also made some orange sherbet, talked on the phone and ordered fajitas.

I'm tired!

Of course there's so much caffeine in the orange sherbet that I probably won't fall asleep for hours and hours and hours.....I don't handle caffeine well! lol!

Orange Croc Guy in still in New Jersey, but he's holding up well.

He called earlier to make sure I had gotten home ok and our conversation was just like any other conversation we've ever had---pointless and confusing. lol! You have to experience it to truly appreciate it...(I'll skip most of the boring parts for you)....

OCG: What are you doing?

ME: Talking to you.

OCG: OK, what else are you doing.

ME: Playing on the computer and reading TMZ.

OCG: Sounds like fun.


OCG: Don't yell at me. I said it sounded like fun.

ME: I'm not yelling at you. Apparently Jonathan Rhys Meyers tried to commit suicide in London.

OCG: Who's that?

ME: You know...the cute guy from The Tudors. We watched that one movie he was in where he had the kid cause my blog readers said we would like it.

OCG: Was it a girl movie?

ME: Maybe.

OCG: That's why I don't remember it.

ME: Oh wait, maybe he didn't try to commit suicide. They're saying that he fell off the wagon...again.

OCG: That's just a slower form of suicide.

ME: I bet he fell off the wagon because he heard that George Clooney broke up with that girl and now he's free to be with me and JRM is upset that he may have missed his chance.

OCG: Ginger, you get that these people have never heard of you right?

ME: Oh, now you're just being jealous.

OCG: yeah, that's it...jealous.

ME: I started writing my novel for NaNoWriMo

OCG: How's it going

ME: It's sad. You should see some of the things I've written. I think I may need counseling.

OCG: I would agree with that.


OCG: Why are you yelling at me now? You said it and I just agreed with you.

ME: I'm not yelling at you. I made some orange sherbet and I just got brain freeze.

OCG: How old are you? Twelve?

ME: No, if I were twelve I would have put sprinkles on my orange sherbet. But I'm not so I didn't...I also didn't have any sprinkles.

OCG: Whatever. What else are you going to do today?

ME: I'm going to order some fajitas.

OCG: Of course you are.

ME: Do you know why I'm ordering fajitas?

OCG: (said using his best girly voice) Because that fajita delivery guy...is like...so hot.

ME: Yeah he is! Also, that cute fajita delivery guy...he's heard of me...

OCG: And now you're just being mean.

ME: I know.

Now this is the part of the conversation where you say "Oh, he's so sweet and you're so mean" because he knows how much I love watching fireworks and he's had a rough week and I'm giving him a hard time.

OCG: Ginger, I'll be there in time for the fireworks on Monday.

ME: I'll save you a seat.

See, I'm not THAT mean...I'm going to save him a seat!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers----if you happen to be reading this I hope you understand that some battles are harder to fight than others, but you should keep fighting because you're worth it...and you're also REALLY hot....and you should also CALL ME!


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