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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


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I owe my class popsicles.  I forgot them on Monday because, well....it was Monday.  I brainwashed my students into believing that Tuesday was a better day for popsicles anyway since that's our PE day and popsicles are always better are hot, sweaty PE days.

So, Tuesday morning I hit up the dreaded Walmart on my way to school and buy popsicles.  I get to school, head right for the teacher's lounge and place them in the freezer.  Then I went about my day and assured my class that I had gotten the popsicles and they couldn't be mad at me because I'm awesome and I remembered.

I went to get the popsicles before I picked my class up from PE and......they were gone!  I was devastated!  I didn't want to tell my class they were gone  because I knew thy would blame me.  LOL!


I kept hearing...."Tell the truth, you forgot again did you?"  and "Did you eat them?"

I actually pulled out the receipt to prove that I didn't forget and promised that I didn't eat 20 popsicles for lunch.

So, tomorrow morning I have to hit up Walmart again for another box of popsicles in order to avoid a mutiny in my class.

I have no idea what happened to my original box of popsicles, but I really want to believe that someone accidentally took them and will replace them as soon as they can.


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