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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, at least I'm funny...

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I know I'm not super model beautiful and even though I have bad hair days and "I don't feel like wearing make-up" days; I still feel like I'm normal people pretty. I mean, I probably won't cause traffic to stand still because everyone is watching me cross the street, but I'm also not the ugly lady that scares children on Halloween.

As a Kindergarten teacher, I've got this idea in my head that as my students grow up and think back on their school years they will remember me a being pretty and funny and having a great singing voice. I realize that I can't sing, but they're five and have no problem with the way I sing "Mother Gooney Bird". So, why shouldn't they remember me as being a great singer?

Today, I'm sitting on the playground when one of my former students and big brother of one of my current students comes over. He hugged me and we talked quickly before he gave me another hug and headed off for class.

As he walked away, one of my shy girls who had come over to hear what we were talking about stood there staring at me for a minute before she asked, "Why was he looking at you like you're pretty?"

I pretended to be offended by her question and answered, "Because, I am pretty!"

She stood there and with absolutely no change in her expression said, "You're funny." Then she walked off to play again.

I laughed! I laughed until I started thinking about just how long it has been since I've had trick or treaters come to my door for Halloween.

OMG! Maybe I am the scary Halloween lady!


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