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Friday, December 19, 2014

The universe has sided with The Grinch!

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OK, you know that old saying about how a positive attitude being everything?  Well, I decided to give it a try since it's so easy to have a bad attitude when you're stressed out.

So, Wednesday morning after the alarm went off but before I got out of bed, I said out loud, "OK, universe, starting today I am going to have nothing but great days.  The best days ever!"

I headed to school confident that the universe would take care of me.  Boy, was I disappointed!  Wednesday wasn't a great day but it wasn't a bad day either.  At least, not until there was poop on my classroom floor.

Yeah, you read that right. POOP  on my floor!

One of the kids had an accident and didn't say anything. Not even when it started falling out of his shorts onto the floor.

The universe has an evil sense of humor!

On Thursday, I got out of bed smiled and tried again.  Unlike Wednesday, this was going to be the best day ever.  And it was going pretty good, until I got to school and locked myself out of my classroom twice before 8 o'clock.

That's right.....locked out two times before 8 AM and I don't even have to be there until 8:10. 

Now, you're probably thinking the same thing I was thinking.....

The universe was trying to tell me to get out of there!  If I wanted to have a great day I needed to be at the mall or the beach or back home in my bed. 

NO, that' not what the universe was saying at all.  The universe wasn't trying to send me a message at all.  It was laughing at me! 

I know it was laughing at me because while I was locked out of my classroom my car keys were locked in the room.  Even though I wanted to leave.....I wasn't going anywhere.

The universe has an evil, evil sense of humor!

If you still don't believe that the universe is laughing at me, remind me to tell you the story of my non-expired, expired credit card.


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