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Thursday, January 16, 2014


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Last Friday I was in my class working on the usual Friday morning things with my class when there was suddenly a knock....make that a pounding....on the windows.

It scared me!

I jumped up and away from the table I was sitting at and the kid I was working with ready to scream and run because of whatever emergency had caused some crazy person to wander away from the sidewalk and plant their fists on my window.

What I was standing outside my window was another kindergarten teacher, one who is usually pretty calm, looking like a deranged person screaming for me to get out of the building because there was a fire drill.

Now, I had taken some cold medicine that morning, but I seriously doubted that I was so out of it I would miss a fire drill.  I looked around the room quickly and listened.....

No blaring alarm...no flashing lights....nothing....except for the crazy, screaming lady at the window.

I laughed, wondering what kind of "medicine" she had taken that morning and motioned to the silent, non-blinking fire thingy on the wall and said, "No there's not."

She insisted that there was and screamed that everyone else was already outside.

I looked into the hallway and saw the kids in the room across from mine.  I turned back toward the window to tell the teacher, that I am now sure is trying to punk me, that those kids are still in there room but she was no where to be seen.

I look across the hall again and see that the teacher in that room is now lining her class up like she is leaving the building.  I wondered just who in the world had knocked on her window and told her to get out, but decided maybe I should leave the building too.

I told my kids to line up, grabbed the hand of the first kid, asked the high school volunteers to bring up the end of the line and started down the hallway.  By this time, the crazy teacher has now entered the building and as she is rushing into the office she asks me if everyone is out of the building.

I laugh and tell her that I'm the only one leaving as I head for the front door.  Before I get out of the building I hear her on the intercom telling everyone that there's a fire drill and we should all leave the building.

There was still no blaring alarm or flashing lights!

I get outside and see that there are actually other classes out there!

At first, I'm thinking, "OMG! That woman has gone crazy and actually managed to get everyone out of the building!"

Then I have it explained to me that the fire alarm had actually gone off on the main campus.  Some of the teachers in my building whose classrooms face the main campus have managed to hear the alarm and/or noticed those classes leaving the building and they.....well, they panicked!

Today, I came home from work and kept hearing this annoying beeping sound.    The battery in my fire alarm needed to be changed.

I'm still laughing!


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