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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Strange start to my day!

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Ok, so I hate Wal-Mart. Everyone knows I only go there when I absolutely have to and even then only if it's very early in the morning. Well, this was one of the mornings I had to go there. YUCK!

I needed to get cups, straws, milk & ice cream for making shamrock shakes at school. I got in, got what I needed, and got in line at the register as quickly as I could. Of course, I got in the shortest line and it moved the slowest. ALWAYS!

While I waited for the person in front of me to be checked out I looked down the line at people waiting at other registers. About three registers away, I saw a lady standing in line take her shirt off and lay it on the counter with some hangers. Right after she did this, she moved forward and I could no longer see her. (Thank goodness!) What I did see was several people walk up to get in line behind her then suddenly turn around and walk away---very quickly! LOL!

I'm still tramatized!


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