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Sunday, June 28, 2009


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I actually made it across the expert level on the tight rope thingy today! I am still excited about it. I also tried the advanced level on the table balance for the first time today. I made it to level six. I'm not so excited about that, but I must admit it's better than I did the very first time I tried the beginning level. LOL!

This evening I was in desperate need of some aspirin, Tylenol, Advil or anything really and I had nothing. I paid my neighbor a visit and she didn't have any either. However, she did have some tequila! After we split a pitcher of margaritas I didn't have a headache anymore. Or maybe I did and just didn't care anymore. LOL!

I'm going to bed now, because I have to get up in the morning and remember to get my hair cut since I missed Friday's appointment. Wish me luck and enjoy your day!

Where did the day go?

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So, I was messing around doing things today and then the next thing I knew it was 5:00 PM and I still hadn't showered. LOL! Why do the summer days go by so quickly?

I need some help from a wii fit expert! I have this thing about not moving up a level on any of the things until I've earned four stars at least ten times. I figure if I haven't mastered the beginners level there's no use even trying the advanced or expert levels. Well, last week I finally moved to the expert level on the tight rope walking thingy. Do you know the one I'm talking about? Well, I haven't made it across one time since I moved to the expert level. Please, someone tell me the secret to getting across this thing! It's making me crazy! LOL!

Time for me to get some sleep. Enjoy your day!


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