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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why aren't I asleep?

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Well, I told you the caffeine was going to keep me up last night and it did. I did learn a very important lesson though. I learned that when you text people at 3AM they tend to not text you back right away. lol!

The last time I remember looking at the clock, it was going on 4AM and I was still awake. I had finished reading one book and started reading another, I had counted to 100 more times than I can remember and I sent everyone I've ever met a text message hoping someone else was awake and wanting to talk. No one was!

It was around ten this morning when the house phone started ringing and I could hear my cell phone chirping in an attempt to let me know that people were waking up and returning my text messages. Sure, now that I'm finally sleeping everyone else is awake. lol!

I went ahead and got up because I had lots of things to do and figured I would catch up on the sleep tonight. I got most of my errands completed and managed to stay dry at the rain storms came through.

Now, I want to sleep but I'm still wide awake.....UGH!


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