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Shamrock Shakes

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On Sunday Orange Croc Guy decided to use my blender to make a fruit smoothie and proceeded to break my blender.  I didn't handle it very well!  In fact I screamed out....

What were you thinking?  You can't use it for healthy stuff!  It's only supposed to be used for alcoholic beverages and milkshakes!

He wasn't very concerned.

As it turns out I needed the blender for school on Monday.  It was St. Patrick's Day and we just HAD to make shamrock shakes! (Not the real ones with mint, but the vanilla ones with green food coloring).

I know I could have borrowed a blender for Monday, but I REALLY need my own blender because I like my alcoholic beverages and milkshakes.  That meant an early morning stop at the worst place on Earth.....Walmart.  UGH!

I found the shelf with the blenders were kept and it was pretty much empty.  There were only two blenders sitting on an otherwise empty shelf.  And those blenders...they were cheap!  Can someone please explain to me how there can be a run on blenders at Walmart and the only two left cost less than $20?

I bought the cheapest one of the two because the $19 one was red and that would have totally clashed with my kitchen stuff and no one wants a blender that clashes with their kitchen stuff.  Right?  So, I left Walmart with a $14 white blender.  Classy, right?

The thing is all plastic and so light it feels like a toy.  It's nothing like the glass bar blender that I had and loved and will never forgive OCG for killing.  He's so mean!

The Shamrock Shakes came out ok, so it wasn't a wasted $14, but you have to know that I'll be on the look out for a blender like the one I had. Lol!

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That time of year...

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We've reached the point in the school year where we're all just trying to hang in there until spring break.  If you hear some very loud rumbling screams of joy at the end of next week, don't worry, it's just teachers from all over Miami celebrating.

Anyway, we're trying to hang in there and so are the kids, but it's not easy.  The kids are getting very antsy.  I had one use his scissors to cut his own hair and shirt then lie to his mother and say someone else did it to him.

I had another one say she was going to slap someone else across the face for absolutely no reason.

I had just accepted the fact that it was going to be a loooong two weeks when I picked my class up from lunch and found one of my students holding a paper.

The little boy's father works at school as one of our custodians.  He showed me the paper and said, "I found it in the floor and picked it up so my dad wouldn't have to."

Isn't that just the sweetest thing ever?

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It makes sense to me...

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Just like other Kindergarten classes all over the place, we're celebrating Dr. Seuss this week.  Today I was reading to my class and paused after reading about " a race on a horse, on a ball with a fish"  I asked my class who they thought would win a race like that only to have one of the little girls point to the picture in the book and say, "Probably the one in the front." 

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Check it out!

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Even though the calendar says March, it still feels like winter in so many places right now.  When will we ever start to feel some warm spring air?  Around Scraps N Pieces, we have been keeping ourselves warm by designing some amazing products for you, our awesome members and customers.

Are you a fan of the art journaling style of scrapping?  If you are, then you are going to LOVE the store's March collab kit.  It's called Express Yourself, and it is awesome!
Grab it while it's 50% off!  The kit is on sale for $4, but you can grab the bundle for just $5.50.


Do you know the definition of earworm?  It's defined as, "a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person's mind."  And I think the music-themed Bits N Pieces for March will be running through your mind all month until you snatch them all up.  The pieces are just $1 each the first week, and then will regular price and possibly bundled up into full kits.  And don't forget our Bit N Pieces month-long challenge; snag some great kits at a low price and earn forum points in the process.


Our members mean so very much to us.  The 3-year old son of one our members was just recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer last week. This is something they would have never
thought would happen to their family.  It is Stage 4, as this type of cancer is often not symptomatic
until that time. He will have to go through some aggressive chemo, then
surgery to remove his tumor, then more chemo. There is a 40-50%
survival rate, but his doctors are very optimistic. This family has 3
other small children and a new baby on the way. Together, the Scraps N Pieces designers developed an amazing kit called Little Warrior, to help raise funds that will cover
some of their costs at this time. This kit is a beautiful
children’s hospital themed collab that chronicles the journey that this little
warrior is facing. All proceeds from the sale of this kit will go to
this little family to help with expenses.


Be sure to add the March speed scraps to your calendar, or better yet, go to the forum calendar and set a reminder.

Have a great day!!

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