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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm such a dork!

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We're working hard to plan our end of the year party for the kids and their parents. I'm hooked on the Luau theme. After school today one of the girls was going to the dollar store to pick things up for us and I was going to Party City. Well, I got in the car and it automatically drove me straight home. LOL! Really! It's not my fault!

I waited until most of the rush hour traffic had died down and went back out. Party City is getting ready for summer and they were putting out lots of cute luau themed items. I spent too much money and if you add that to the Oriental Trading order I made last week I've spent way too much money. LOL! Sadly, I'm sure more will be spent before it's all over. And to think, Dade County thought we didn't need our raises...

Did you visit Digicats yesterday or today? Dianna has her Chocolicious Kit up and it looks yummy! Check out this preview...

Do you see the very cute blonde girl in the left hand corner? Her name is Ginger. Isn't that just a wonderful name? LOL!

I've got to get some sleep. I've been staying up way too late lately. Enjoy your day!


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